Summary of the TCMned member meeting

Date: November 24, 2019.
Time: 13:30-16:00
Venue: Shenzhou University of traditional Chinese Medicine
Address:Geldersekade 67 Amsterdam
Board members: Dong Zhilin, Ren Tianrong, Liao Xiuying, Yang Zhigang, Qian Cheng
Record: Liao Xiuying
Host: Ren Tianrong
Speech: Dong Zhilin
Number of attendees: 46


1) TCMned joins RBCZ

TCMned was established to provide a platform for Chinese medicine practitioners in the Netherlands to communicate and learn in their mother tongue (Chinese). Our mission is to gather Chinese medicine practitioners in the Netherlands.

Reviewing the nearly four years since the establishment of TCMned, the Council of TCMned has been exploring and discussing how to join the reimbursement system of insurance companies in the past two years and finally approved the decision to join the insurance company reimbursement system. The process of linking up the insurance company system is not directly accessible for TCMned, but must be through a Dutch federation, currently KAB and RBCZ in the Netherlands.

TCMned has held several meetings with KAB and RBCZ respectively, and the council chose RBCZ at the end, because the annual fee for joining the KAB is more than 30, 000 and requires at least 150 members, while joining RBCZ is relatively simple.

Now TCMned and RBCZ have reached a cooperation agreement. To this end, we must declare more than 50 eligible members to join RBCZ before January 1, 2020.

Voting result: all members present had no objection to join the insurance company system through TCMned and agreed to join RBCZ.

The procedures for joining TCMned and RBCZ are as follows:
Please fill in the membership application form and return it to the Secretariat, together with copies of the certificate required on the form and the VOG issued by the city hall. After that, members will receive the invoice of €25.- for annual member fee (2020) issued by TCMned and the invoice of €65.- for the annual fee issued by RBCZ. Please pay for it on time. Only after successful payment can you officially become a member of TCMned and have the right to elect and stand for election. We have sent an email notice to all the members. If you don’t submit the new membership application form and membership fee by the end of December, you will withdraw from the association by default and will no longer have membership. Everyone agreed with it.

Supplement 1: members who practise must buy beroepaansprakelijkheids-verzekering.
Supplement 2: members who have already joined RBCZ before through other institutes and have paid the annual fee for 2020, will not be recharged, but need to declare that the main institute they join now is TCMned.


On May 8 and 9, 2020, the WFAS 2020 International Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion and The 3rd World TCM Forum will be co-hosted by NVA, Zhong, and TCMned at RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There will be more than 300 TCM experts from all over the world to make a presentation. (For more details about the congress, please visit ) And the credits earned for participating in the congress will be recognized by TCMned, NVA, Zhong, and other society. You are welcome to register. There is a discount for TCMned members to register and pay a fee before March 1st, which is only €250.-

3) the general election of the TCMned Institute

It was supposed to be a general election of the new council at the end of this year. To prepare the congress mentioned above, after discussion by the current Council, it was decided to start the general election after the end of the congress. More details and time will be notified separately. Note: we are recruiting people with sufficient communication skills, strong organizational ability, and dedication to run the election of the next council.

All the members present passed the postponement of the general election time without objection.

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